Pooja Sharma - Body Transformation Specialist, MTV Roadies Real Hero 2019 contestant
She Remembered who she was and the game changed.
In her story lies fire and she is Teejh. 

Tell us a bit about yourself?

A – This is a very tricky question for me. I would say I am a fitness person, Roadies Real Hero 2019 contestant. By education, I am a civil engineer. But by profession, I am a fitness enthusiast.

Was your childhood dream the same as where you are right now?

A – We all have had different and variety of dreams when we were children. It’s funny to say, but as I child, I always wanted to dress up. My dream was to dress up in different clothes and go to college. I was a chubby kid and I wanted to be in shape and get fit. That was what I always dreamt of.


 What was your steppingstone to Roadies?

A – It was a 15-year-old Pooja who was crazy about Roadies, who watched it regularly in a house with people who did not like Roadies much. I first went for Roadies audition with my boyfriend, Gaurab, where he got selected but not me. I was not ready to give up. Later, after two year, I gave my audition again in 2019 and that is how I got into Roadies Real Hero 2019. If you really love something, you should keep trying till you achieve it. Because one day you will succeed.


 How did your family support your decision?

A – It is not very normal for Indian families to accept the fact that their children want to take up fitness as their career/ profession. Same was the case with me as well. But once you prove yourself, taking up whatever you want to do, they will definitely love it and support you for what you are. Moreover, it is your life and you are the one to decide. My family is quite happy to see me where I have reached and are very proud of me. 

 How was the response from society?

A – To be honest, it was hard in the beginning. I still get judged for wearing short clothes and posting pictures on social media. People will always judge you and not everyone is happy to see others succeed. Believe in yourself, do what you love to do and always look at the positive side. That way you will always be happy.


 How does it feel to be where you are right now?

A – It feels very normal, but extremely happy.

 What is success for you?

A – People think success is either being rich or famous.  On the other hand, at the end of the day, if you are happy and enjoying what you do in your life, that is success to me.


 How do you manage your time?

A – I don’t know how to answer this question. I love what I do and everything I do so I end up making time for it. So that’s just it.

 Favourite part of the day?

A – Spending time with my family. That includes my boyfriend, Gaurab and my two dogs, Oscar and Karma.

 Describe your style.

A – My style is either very comfortable or just over the top. No in-between for me.

 How do you relate yourself to the brand Teejh?

A – Teejh is about being who you are and still holding on to the Indian values. The same way how my fitness routines are personalised. All my diet plans include Desi meals and sustainable exercises & food plans.


 Advice to women who want to get fit.

A- My advice is do not blindly follow what others are doing. Fitness is a dynamic area which differs from person to person. A fitness routine perfect for one person might not suit another person. It is important to figure out what is suitable and sustainable for you. The second most important factor is stability or consistency. Once you start, don’t give up till you start seeing results. Persistence pays off eventually.