Saree Care Instructions




 Color Variations

The colors you see on our website will depend on the accuracy of your monitor for which subtle variations must be acknowledged. Actual colors may vary based on the computer/mobile display settings or due to studio lighting. All the pictures are of actual products and we try to match the picture colors as close to the product as possible.

 Our products are made and handled by human hands involving various processes. There is bound to be variations in colour, prints, finish and overall look. We use an "all over print" design for most our products and the positioning of artwork may be different from that as displayed in the picture. For Hand dyed & Hand printed sarees, the print might have slight irregularities in the motif & colours which results from the human involvement in the process & is a hallmark of handcrafted products.


Color Binding & Bleed

Since hand dyed & hand block printed fabrics use natural dyes, it may rub dry, leave marks or bleed colour on coming in contact with water for the first time. The colours that are used are not fast and we do not use any colour binding agents. Hence it is required that you get these products Dry Cleaned Only.

One must be very careful when applying fragrances to handmade clothes as the ingredients may cause your clothes to remove print or stain. It's best to spray lightly into the air in front of you then walk directly into the spritz.


Design Variations

Sarees with Hand block prints, Bandhni, Lahariya, Tie & Dye, Batik are handmade. The print placements, colors may vary from piece to piece . There might also be slight irregularities in prints, motifs etc as these are manual processes and cannot be deemed as defects.


Wash Instructions

We Highly recommend you dry wash all sarees in order to maintain the fabric sheen and to avoid any fading or color bleed. Never Machine-wash a saree. A Saree should be either delicately hand washed or dry cleaned. If you choose to wash the saree at home please wash a very small corner of the saree as a test for fabric and colors running ( must be done for all colors on the same saree independently.


Sort clothes colour-wise. Wash only similar coloured garments together.


Put a small quantity of mild detergent in a half-filled bucket of cold water. Dip the saree in the water a couple of times. Do not soak for more than 2 minutes. Pre-soaked garments must be washed immediately. Do not wring the saree.


The soiled areas can be rubbed gently by hand. Do not use a solid bar of soap or a brush. Rinse the garment a few times in cold water to remove the detergent completely. Do not wring the saree.


A final dip in a diluted solution of liquid starch will render a crisp finish to the garment. Do not wring the saree.


Drying your clothes under the sun causes colour-fading. Therefore, Line dry them out in the evenings or in shade. 


Do not iron directly on block-prints, embroidery, etc. Such clothes should be turned inside out and ironed lightly.


Store garments in a cool, dry, place protected from sunlight. Keep whites and light coloured garments away from the darker coloured ones. Use aromatic sachets to dispel cupboard odours.

Silk And Silk Blends

Silk and silk blend fabrics must be dry cleaned only. Store carefully in cloth covers with a few scented sachets.


We highly recommend all Hand block printed fabrics, Hand dyed fabrics , linen & silk fabrics to be Dry Cleaned Only.