Introducing one of a kind Vintage Afghani Tribal jewellery, inspired by the crafts of the Kuchi tribes of Afghanistan - a nomadic group of traders living the life of gypsies throughout Central Asia. Vintage Afghani Kuchi Jewellery features elements such as colored glass, enamel work, cutwork, dangling coins, charms and other exquisite tribal elements making them  exuberant, joyful, and eclectic statement pieces. 
Rich in culture and history, these beautiful antique pieces were worn by the dilettante wanderers of the Persian past  reflecting their nomadic freedom and combining cultures and art from across the world. Exuding timeless bohemian, free spirited vibes , their beautiful intricate work, mesmerizing stone inlays, and absolute gorgeousness is an art to behold and exhibit.
These Vintage Afghani jewellery with its rich colors and ornate details promises to transcend one to a magical bygone era. Every piece in this collection is unique and one of a kind, once sold they will not come back in stock again, thus making them an invaluable addition to your jewellery collection. Each piece is an investment that can be passed on as heirloom pieces to your loved ones. These captivating pieces with their vintage charm are evergreen statement styles that are sure to excite the jewellery lover in you.