दर्पण सम्मुख बैठ के ,जब वो श्रृंगार करती है
कजरे की धार
अधर पे सजती लाली
खनखन करती चूड़ी
देह को चूमते आभूषण
सबसे सुंदर वही लागे है
जो लाल रंग को भर चुटकी मांग पे डाले है

Just in time for Teej, we present to you an exuberant Festive collection SHRINGAR, that celebrates the opulence of Indian ornaments, the romance of dressing up, and the raw beauty of Indian women. Inspired by the undisputed king of all NavaRasas, Shringar encapsulates emotions of love, attraction & appreciation of the beauty around us and within us. The art of dressing up to be attractive for one's lover or for one's self is an acknowledgment of one's desires and highlights one's external & internal beauty.

This collection spells elegance through its ornate statement earrings, exquisite necklace sets with pearls, ghungroos, and stone accents, statement rings, beautiful bugadis & ear cuffs, and lovely anklets, which combine India's intricate craftsmanship with modern-day aesthetics.

Sringar, Is all about finding beauty in the rituals of festive dressing and celebrating the grandeur of our culture. Each piece in the collection is a mood in itself and perfect to add some highlight to your ethnic looks this festive season!