About us


TEEJH is a simple yet strong identity of all women across the globe! It is a celebration of Womanhood & its stunning avatars, beautifully expressed through our exquisite pieces of Jewelry! TEEJH is an Ethnic Jewelry brand owned by JW Brands Pvt. Ltd.


Teejh was born out of a strong sense of self , our history & our roots. The art of creating intricate ornaments with craftsmanship of the highest calibre has been a part of Indian culture since time immemorial . Considering the innumerable types of jewellery , styles & crafting techniques followed across our land, varying based on region, materials, occasions and purpose , it is safe to say that it is almost impossible to keep the Indian woman away from her jewellery.

Growing up in a globalized modern India, today’s progressive Indian woman has many facets to her identity. She moves forward towards modernization yet holds her history close to her heart. She is conscious and aware of her past, present & is capable of shaping her own future. She values the rich heritage of her land , takes pride in it & contributes in sustaining & preserving it. Blurring the lines between modern & traditional, she expresses her creativity & her mixed identity through her attire & jewellery.

And SHE is our Inspiration.


Rooted in simplicity, elegance & a love for good craftsmanship , our designs are unique, relatable, affordable & easy to maintain.

Flawlessly handcrafted in High quality Brass and Metal by the best Artisans across India, our pieces are not only beautiful but also very durable. We strive to preserve the age old craft techniques ,motifs, local designs and the essence of India in our Design language. Each piece is painstakingly designed by us and manufactured by our artisans or responsibly sourced from craftsmen who have been practising the art of jewellery making since generations.

Our designs are inspired by the various avatars of the Modern women & their innumerable virtues such as Simplicity, Shyness, Boldness, Strength, Patience, Fierceness, Resilience and many more!

We aim to create timeless designs, that transcend beyond fashion & trends and become keepsakes that become heirloom pieces passed on from one generation to another, forging a path towards a more sustainable way of living.

Our Designs are traditional with a modern touch , affordable, wearable & relatable to the New Age woman who inspires us !

Though Born in India, TEEJH has a global offering and an outlook which encourages women across the globe to identify themselves in the most Bold & Beautiful way.


All our jewellery is Handcrafted with Love & Care. We take immense pride in empowering our pool of Artisans with better livelihoods. We work with numerous craftsmen across India and wish to create a sustainable ecosystem that empowers them with the means to preserve & revive their traditional crafts and techniques. We follow Ethical & Fair Trade practices , ensuring social & economic development of the artisans we work with.