Inspired by the era of royalties and plush opulence , the Rajwada collection aims to bring alive the magnificence , rich colors and craftsmanship of ancient Indian jewellery . Taking cues from the pages of history, legendary palaces and royal families, every piece boasts of traditional details, dramatic designs and an imaginative blend of techniques and materials that adds to the richness & grandeur of the collection.

The range includes ornate statement earrings, gorgeous necklace sets with pearl, ghungroo & stone details, enamelled rings and pretty anklets, that uniquely blend India’s ancient tradition and the modern-day trends in its every creation. Handcrafted in Brass or german silver, these pieces have been specially designed to add an effortless glamour to your upcoming festive dressing.

Rajwada is an ode to the culture, the colors and the festivities of India. Amongst all things, it’s about finding the beauty in the rituals of festive dressing & the memories of a bygone era that celebrated and loved grandeur in all its glory.