Meher Mallik - Embodiment Coach

Tell us about yourself.

Namaste, My name is Meher Mallik. I am a mother, a mover and a mentor. I work in the space of embodiment coaching, breathwork and women’s healing. In my prior life which was still in this lifetime I was a belly dancer but I have died and also resurrected from my own ashes multiple times in this life.

What was your ambition as a child?

Believe it or not, I didn’t have any ambition as a child. I didn’t want to become somebody. In my teenage years, yes I wanted to be a fashion designer, dance just came upon by chance. But I think I always wanted to do everything larger than life, my ambition was to be fully present in what I am doing, enjoy what I am doing, um, just be fully out there in whatever I did and I think ambition is something that I learned of much much later in life because I was so busy just enjoying my life. 

As the Director of Studio Banjara and Co-Founder at Moksha at the movements, can you describe the philosophy and vision behind these initiatives?

Being the director of Studio Banjara and Co-Founder at Moksha at the movements is all about playing many roles at once. It’s about honouring all the parts of myself, I am a dancer and I have been for many years and I choose to educate many people across the world in the online platform with belly dance and movement expiration and secret dance. Moksha and the mountains come as the vision of going deeper within, connecting to the self and discovering how life can be extremely beautiful in the simplicity of nature. So I think being part of multiple projects or heading various different projects is about honouring all the different facets of who I am.

Can you elaborate on how you integrate and blend different modalities to create a more embodied experience for your clients and community?

My methods are a tad-bit difficult to explain because they are integration of all my life’s work till date - dance, movement, studies in buddhist philosophy, breathwork, trauma healing, therapy, meditation, motherhood, falling in love, making mistakes, travel. So I would say my methods are an integration of all of those experiences and the premise of that work is that comes with the innate ability to self heal and so my purpose with this work is to empower people in going back to remembering and recognising. They have all the tools and resources that are necessary for their own personal healing and when there is split between body and mind, my work comes into being where I try my best to hold space for the alignment again of body, mind and spirit and that’s where I explore multiple types of different tools and practices to support people in coming back to themselves.

How do you see Chakras contributing to the holistic well-being of individuals who undertake the journey?

So I have been a student of Chakra studies for a while and I also work in the space of research using technology that helps me scan the subtle energy system for clients. I have used the tools on myself, postpartum I developed Thyroid and I used frequency work like sound, movement and affirmation to bring my Thyroid levels back to normal and in 3 months I was able to do it extremely effectively with my practices and I have seen that to be the case with the clients I have done Chakra scans for, where I work with different practices - subtle energy practices but also movement, lifestyle changes and also working around neuroplasticity, so pretty much expanding our perspectives and giving clients a way to look at life in a different way and in that way I have seen drastic improvement even in their Chakra scans. I have seen Chakra alignment go from 50% to 90% in clients and although this is a complex system and not that easy to understand, it also seems like fashion than it’s actual work, a trend that it’s actual work but the Chakras or the energy systems are sensitive to everything we do - what we eat, what content we watch, what habits we have, the people we meet, those we have intimacy with, our life experiences, the traumas stored in our bodies and so you have to do the work on multiple planes but when we start going from gross to subtle, I think the impact of it is vast in the quality of life when it comes to clients.

Are there specific philosophies or spiritual teachings that have significantly shaped your approach to movement and healing?

I would definitely have to say that Buddhism has completely changed my worldview. Completely. You know, I've been one of those spiritual addicts since I was a young age. I went on to, you know, learn about Ramzan because I lived in a Middle Eastern country. I learned about Muslims and read the Quran and fasted for Ramzan. And then I, you know, went on to study a little bit through my friends about Christianity and, you know, Bible studies and read the Bible and then go on to, you know, show an interest in more of the Eastern cultures, you know, studied the Gita, read it, try to understand it. I think all of that eventually brought me to Buddhism. And because I'm somebody who is seeking clarity when it comes to answers, I find that without any ritualistic or religious aspects, Buddhism gives me a chance to see the world as interdependent. And it's the philosophy - compassion, principles of compassion, economity and loving kindness, you know our so deeply ingrained in buddhism practice that you can’t help but see how deeply everything is dependent on each other. And I think that’s the 1 learning in life which I continue to still do that has brought big changes to the way that I do my work, to the way I carry myself, to the way that I see life and I am extremely extremely grateful for it.

What future projects or endeavours are you currently working on or planning? If any.

So my current project is about building India’s first secret dance women’s community. I have been known to pioneer belly dancer in India many many years back but I hope to pioneer a new realm of movement where dance is not just dance - it’s ritual, it’s prayer, it’s dedication, it’s transmission, it’s embodiment and so I am looking at already in it’s in the works already where I am building projects with some very beautiful women from across the world to be able to finally have secret dance and performance meditation community. And I think that I am on the right track and it’s moving in that direction and I really see life’s changing for the better to reach a more blissful divine inner space through secret dance.

How do you describe your style?

I wouldn't say I have a specific style statement. There was a time when I loved a lot of boho, colourful wear. I still love colours. Which then went on to more simple styles and flowy dresses and more relaxed wear. Motherhood led me to be super casual. So just shorts and a plain t-shirt all the time. And now I think I've moved towards probably bringing in little tidbits and pieces from multiple cultures and multiple learnings into my style statement. So you'll often find me with, you know, because my gurus have been different in my experiences and my travel, you'll find me with, you know, in like this eclectic mix of, you know, earrings from a different country. And, you know, you'll find me in a skirt that's traditional to probably a different culture. I'll team it up with a different kind of a top from a different community. I definitely, definitely love going into little villages and buying things locally. It's one of my favourite things. I love to explore that. and also support local culture simultaneously. So I would say it's probably a mix of many little tidbits that are coming from my experiences and my learnings and my travels and the different philosophies and values that I have been exposed to as well. 

How do you resonate with Teejh?

I see life as a sum total of the little intricacies, of the little parts. And when I see, you know, the beautiful clothes and accessories that Teejh has to offer, I think that too is kind of put together with a lot of love and care, artistry, intricate details. And I think that that is probably what I share in common with Teejh. 

What message or advice would you like to share with individuals who are on their own journey of self-discovery and healing?

I think for individuals who are on their own healing journey, I would say keep your mind and heart open. Empty your cup and allow the experience of change. Because to truly heal, we have to let go of these stories and narratives from the past, all the anxieties of what may happen in the future. Healing is present to us only in the current moment. And that's all we actually have, this moment. We don't know what's going to happen and we most definitely are not in the past anymore. So healing is a lot about taking accountability, taking responsibility that you have all the resources to transform your life, to upgrade your consciousness, to change, to be different, to make a choice. And this is something that I believe Everybody should carry with them as a reminder always. 

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