Carolyn Theresa Simon - Wellness consultant & Yoga educator


Tell us about yourself.

Carolyn Theresa Simon is a wellness consultant and yoga educator from India. She is a finance graduate and has worked in management consulting with Deloitte India and KPMG before starting a career in wellness. She is 500 RYT from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, QCI Level 2 from Ministry of Ayush, India, and currently practices Ashtanga Yoga at Mysore with her teacher Paramguru Sharath Jois. She is trained in dance, Principles of Ayurveda, NLP, and Sound Therapy and has a Diploma in Buddhist Studies from Nalanda University. She facilitates teacher training programs and has trained more than 400+ trainers. Apart from yoga, Carolyn is also a food writer and fitness model.

What was your ambition as a child?

I guess I was always a generalist growing up and I wanted to do a lot of different things as the years went by. It started off with wanting to go to outer space as my dad worked as a space scientist, and then it was a dancer, because of my love for cooking and food - it eventually became to be a chef, and at one point I just wanted to live underwater and escape society.

How did your passion for yoga and wellness develop, and what inspired you to become a yoga instructor?

My passion for yoga and wellness developed while I was working in my corporate job. I felt like most people around me were functioning on autopilot and I wanted to do something to change it - to do more for society. I just felt like nobody was channeling their energy to the right use.

As a wellness consultant, what areas do you focus on, and how do you help individuals improve their overall well-being?

I operate at the level of helping people channel their prana or life force in the right direction, allowing them to get more clarity and do everything that they do a little better. My focus is on incorporating movement and stillness in one’s daily life, mainly by using the practices of asana, pranayama and meditation.

Can you share some of your favorite travel destinations and how they have influenced your personal and professional growth?

I have explored different parts of India as a spiritual seeker and some of my favorite places are Tiruvannamalai, Dharamshala, and Mysore. Outside India, I enjoyed my trip to Peru which was very transformative and helped me connect deeply with myself and nature.

Apart from yoga, do you have any creative outlets or forms of artistic expression you are passionate about?

Yes, I enjoy dancing, sometimes it’s a free flow and sometimes I like to practice more structured dance forms. I also enjoy mandala art.

How does the connection between yoga and food influence your overall sense of balance and happiness?

For many years, I worked as a food writer and experimented with many different kinds of food from all over the world. Once I started yoga, it just helped me be more aware and mindful of what I was putting into my body and I started to be more intentional with my food choices. My understanding of Ayurveda also helped me choose foods that would bring me to a better state of balance, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


How do you describe your style?
My style is all about comfort and ease, I tend to move around a lot during the day and hence I tend to gravitate more towards styles that are flowy. I also love adding elements of my culture and tradition to the outfits I adorn, so I accessorize with a lot of jewelry and Indian designs when I can.
How do you resonate with Teejh?

Teejh is a wonderful brand that celebrates womanhood. It’s great to see the different jewelry and saree options that are available. A brand that helps us stay connected with our Indian roots and celebrate India in every form.

What is your advice for people around you?

My advice is to just be, and find moments of stillness to connect with your inner nature. 


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