Anupama Shivacharya - Calisthenics Coach

Tell us about yourself.

As one of India's First Certified Female Calisthenics Coaches and an industry leader, I am passionate about helping people change their lifestyles for the better. I have been able to guide corporate and individual clients in building healthier habits, living an injury and pain-free life with calisthenics, bodyweight training and nutritional guidance.

In 2019, I was placed Runner Up in the National Calisthenics Championship held by WSWCF (World Street Workout & Calisthenics Federation).
 Fitness aside, food and lifestyle are my other areas of interest. A background of working in print and digital media houses including The Times Of India as a Lifestyle Journalist has helped me build ways to reach out to every kind of reader and engage them. I keep my writing engaging, fun and lighthearted.

On weekends, you'll find me in the Western Ghats leading treks for Bangalore-based trekking group - Monks On Wheels, surfing in Mangalore or reading and indulging in audiobooks. My other hobbies include scuba diving (Certified Open Water Diver), skateboarding and cycling.

What was your ambition as a Child?

I fancied myself to become a warrior princess, haha! But on a serious note, I wanted to be an athlete or a psychologist. I knew I wanted to grow up to be kind, strong and tough. I believe the 5-year-old Anupama would be thrilled with me even though it’s an ongoing journey :’)

What sparked your interest in Calisthenics, and how did you get started?

I previously worked with the Times Of India as a Lifestyle Journalist, which meant constant restaurant reviews. We would eat out at least 3-4 days a week and I could see myself getting unfit and unable to do basic movements. This pushed me to start strength training and ultimately piqued my interest towards calisthenics. At a competition in 2018, I saw a girl perform 10-15 pull-ups in one go. It inspired me to work towards my first pull up and the rest is history.

Can you share your experience being featured in a video by Manchester City?

Being featured on Manchester City FC is the biggest career break I have had to date. When the Sisters In Sweat team reached out to me, I was dumbfounded because I played football recreationally. However, I was told that I was chosen over others for my work with calisthenics and other recreational activities as well. It was wonderful working with them and I am deeply grateful to Sisters In Sweat for bringing me this opportunity.

What challenges have you faced during your journey, and how did you overcome them?

Breaking gender stereotypes as an athlete early on was tough. And as a coach, my biggest challenge is to get my clients to start their protein intake, haha! My initial challenge was to convince my family that I was on the right track with my career choices. While they have been hugely supportive, they had their qualms about the sustainability of the fitness industry.

Could you share some details about the brands you have collaborated with?

I have been featured on the Manchester City Football page for my work with calisthenics and as a footballer. I have also collaborated with brands like Godrej Cinthol, Corona India and Yoga Bars as a recreational surfer. Other brands I have worked with include Cultsport, Ultrahuman, HealthifyMe, Decathlon and Chumbak. I also had the opportunity to work with Helios/ Titan watches for their campaign - Real Goddess Of India.

Besides Calisthenics, what are the other recreational activities you enjoy?

Anything outdoorsy and adventurous gets me going. I am trying my best to juggle Surfskateboarding, surfing, scuba diving, hiking, football and cycling. I’m afraid I won’t be stopping with these!

Are there specific events or programs you organise for women within the

I work with women-specific communities like Sisters In Sweat, Herkey and more to empower more women to pick up sport and fitness as a part of their lifestyle. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I like keeping it minimalistic and elegant with timeless pieces of clothing, silhouettes that highlight my body and jewellery to match.

How do you resonate with Teejh?

I love that Teejh focuses on timeless designs and is designed for the modern person. As a health coach, my rule is to stick to the timeless foundations of exercise and build from there. My personal style and Teejh’s ideology definitely match!

What advice would you give to the audience to motivate them to reach
their fitness goals?

Look for a good coach, fitness community or gym buddy to keep you motivated because you are not going to be motivated every day. It’s best to delegate this job to somebody and that’s my rule to consistent good health.

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