Sandhya- IT Project Manager and Digital Creator

Tell us a bit about yourself
I am Sandhya and I am popularly known as pinkpebble due to my Instagram fame. Apart from that I'm a full time IT employee working as a project manager at one of the top IT companies and I also love making travel and home décor content.
What was your childhood like?
So my childhood was like filled full of sports, most of my childhood I spent playing hockey I really enjoyed that part of it. Apart from that I have two elder brothers I always loved playing with them, playing with their friends mostly ,I hardly had girl friends.
What was your ambition as a child?
Actually I wanted to be in gymnastics and after few weeks of coaching finally when I had to wear the costume my mom wouldn’t let me, then my dad didn’t have a choice and he moved me to hockey and I started loving hockey and I wanted to become a professional sports player.
Is sports still a part of your life?
Though I am not playing hockey now I always make sure I am regular to the gym once in a while. I play TT and Badminton because these are the things that keep me physically fit and emotionally sane.
How did you get started with blogging?
I started blogging after my break up, it was the lowest point of my life. I wanted to invest my time and my energy into something really productive and something I really love, that’s when I first started my solo travel.
What inspired you to be a part of the creative world?
During the pandemic all of us were locked in our houses for so many months almost for two years. I needed something to take my mind off it and because I wasn’t travelling I felt like I was being cornered and felt like there’s nothing much to do so I started investing more time with my plants and started growing them and writing about it on Instagram and also creating different work from home nooks and cozy corners.
How do you incorporate sustainability in your home décor?
I always focus whenever I'm doing a home décor video or DIY, I always focus on somethings which I really need for the house or my personal use that is when I actually go ahead and make DIYs, I'm not sure if you have seen my DIYs most of the are made with the natural materials like jute, bamboo, very less plastic.
Could you share with us your most memorable travel experience?
The most memorable travel experience would be when I went to Rishikesh and I went for a winter trek for one of the new years and I went to this trek during peak winters and I wanted to trek on a new years night. So we started at 3 o’clock in the morning and trust me doing an early morning trek and that too for somebody like me it was a big challenge, it was one of the most liberating and fulfilling experience.
How do you manage your corporate and creative life?
Its very simple like how we all are managing our professional and personal life so my corporate life is my professional career. I give that 9-10 hours a day for my job but once I close my laptop, I would invest time in doing my travel blogs or my creative stuff.
If you had to pick one of the things you do, what would it be?
I would pick travelling, because I feel that I get more experience, I get to learn a lot of cultures, and travelling has made me independent. It made me come out of my depression, it made me more confident. So definitely, travelling would always be my first priority.
What's your favorite part of the day?
Once I close my office laptop, once I'm done with editing or posting on Instagram I would just want to spend time with Bruno. It just eases the whole days pain and he’s like my stress buster.
How would you describe your style?
For me styling means being comfortable in whatever I am wearing and I also sometimes like to dress up wearing contemporary styles like a saree.
How do you resonate with Teejh?
It's for a strong, confident, and ambitious women and I play a lot of roles in my life like being a good sister a good daughter good employee and also I focus on self love and personal growth. When I saw Teejh’s profile I really fell in love with the jewelry because it actually is for everybody from different skin tones to different kinds of women and I love the way they balance the ethnic with the contemporary style so that’s how I relate myself to Teejh.
What would be your advice to people around you?
We women tend to compromise a lot and we try to put other peoples needs ahead of us and during this process we ignore what we like or what we are passionate about, so I think you should spend more time thinking about what you really like and what you want to pursue while balancing the other aspects.
What is your next quest?
I want to continue what I am doing right now being strong independent and ambitious, but I also want to learn new things. So, I have a huge checklist ahead of me for example I want to get certified in scuba diving , I want to go sky diving and I also want to go surfing so these are the three things which have been pending. Along with that I also want to focus on getting a much healthier lifestyle and build strong relationships with people around me.

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