In this moment,
I am entwined in the vine of love
in this moment I have abandoned care
for consequence
Nothingness is my companion,
But I am here,
Come live where I reside,
where the soul lies down in the grass,
where the world is too full to talk about ideas or languages.
Presenting you a collection that celebrates free-spirited women in all their glory. Rumi is a Tale of a gypsy girl who is carefree and believes in the language of the soul. One who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Artist of a sort, her aura spells enigma.
She is some magic,
some chaos, and a bit of poetry.
She sees in black and white and thinks gray but loves in color.
She is a dreamer, a doer, and lives a vivacious life.
She is a princess and a warrior in one.
Our Rumi collection features eclectic pieces of jewelry that radiate bohemian and free-spirited vibes in abundance. These alluring styles are a beautiful blend of vintage and contemporary that accentuates earthy elements like beads, ghungroos, and intricate floral motifs in their raw and rustic form. Each of these pieces will complement your look with a whimsical touch and leaves you feeling wild and carefree.
Be fearlessly Authentic,
Bravely You.